Prefab galvanized cylindrical water storage tank, Aqua metal tank

As the largest producer and importer of prefabricated water storage tanks, Haft Gardon Pars Company is proud to produce and supply galvanized cylindrical prefabricated tanks in sizes of 20 to 3000 cubic meters with 15 years of brilliant experience in importing and producing prefabricated metal tanks . The prefabricated galvanized tank with Aqua sealing sheet is the best option for storing drinking water.

Prefab water storage tank with aqua liner

With the increasing development of the population and the expansion of cities and villages, water supply management becomes especially important. One of the important components of the water supply system is the water storage tank. One of these storage tanks is the cylindrical prefabricated tanks that are currently in operation for a long time in European and American countries. Prefabricated water storage tanks have been in Iran for about fifteen years and due to their many advantages, they have been able to reserve a large share among storage tanks. The prefabricated galvanized water storage tank is in the form of a cylinder with a metal roof, and the Aqua sealing liner is responsible for storing drinking water. The wall of the prefabricated water tank is connected to each other in the form of bolts and nuts and is mounted on the foundation by supporting columns. The material of the wall of the prefabricated galvanized water storage tank is steel with galvanized coating or polyurethane zinc colors. According to the usage, the prefabricated water tank can have a metal roof or various types of polymer roofs.

Components of the prefab drinking water storage tank:

♦ Linear prefabricated tank wall

The cylindrical prefabricated tank wall is made of high-strength steel sheets and galvanized or epoxy-coated steel, and these prefabricated tank wall parts are transported to the project site on a pallet and connected to each other with bolts and nuts. The pre-galvanized tank wall is the most important part in the cylindrical tank and it should be able to withstand fluid pressure, snow load on the roof, strong winds and lateral forces well. The cover material of the linear prefabricated tank sheet is selected according to the environmental conditions and according to the weather conditions of the project. In general, it is recommended to use galvanized coating in areas with normal climate. The galvanized coating of the wall of cylindrical prefabricated tanks should be at least 200 grams per square meter so that special environmental conditions cannot affect the quality of the tank. For this reason, structural steel sheets with high coating are used. As mentioned, the prefabricated water tank must be able to show good resistance in special conditions and during natural disasters. For this reason, prefabricated galvanized tanks are designed and implemented considering all technical and computational principles. The walls of prefab linear tanks are usually restrained by supporting stiffeners on the foundation. Stiffeners or support columns are installed from top to bottom on the wall of prefabricated cylindrical tanks and strengthen the prefabricated cylindrical tank with liner against the pressure of side loads and also the pressure of snow weight on the roof. The thickness and number of supporting stiffeners in the prefabricated water storage tank are determined according to technical and structural calculations. In addition to the importance of the structure of the prefabricated galvanized tank, the quality of the materials used in the structure is also of great importance. Because the lifespan of the prefabricated galvanized tank has a direct relationship with the quality of the components. For this reason, all prefabricated metal tank wall sheets are made of high strength steel series with hot plating and only as Hot dip galvanized High Zinc Coating with a high percentage of zinc, which is resistant to harsh and humid environments. In special cases, polyurethane primary coating can be used for greater resistance of the body. In some areas with very high humidity, galvanized and three-component coating of zinc, phosphate, and polyurethane can be used. This three-component coating on the wall and body of the prefabricated galvanized water storage tank makes extreme humidity and acidic soil not have the slightest effect on the quality of the prefabricated water tank body. Also, the final cover of the prefabricated water storage tank can be prepared and implemented in the customer's desired color. In order to increase the durability of the tank wall, the sinusoidal form of the sheet is used. Due to the material of the wall sheet of this model of tanks, they are also called prefabricated steel tanks, prefabricated metal tanks or prefabricated galvanized tanks, and these tanks were initially manufactured in the Netherlands. It was produced and supplied, and the Dutch prefabricated tank technology was imported into Iran under the name of Aqua prefabricated tank, and later by Haft Gurdoun Pars Company as the first manufacturer of cylindrical prefabricated tank using the most up-to-date rolling and CNC machines and made with Iran's environmental conditions. Localized. Because the wall of the prefab water storage tank is bolted, it is also called a bolted prefab tank, which is available in two types of ecotank tank and conical roof prefab tank.

♦ Liner for sealing prefabricated tank with liner

The sealing liner of the prefabricated tank with liner is another main component of the prefabricated drinking water tank, which is of great importance because of the storage of drinking water. The prefabricated tank liner must be made of the best material so that it can maintain the quality of drinking water in addition to having a long life. In addition to the high quality of the material, this sealing liner must be flexible so that it does not break apart in case of possible ground settlement or shaking of the prefabricated tank due to an earthquake. Also, the liner should be resistant to the extreme cold and heat of the environment and the chlorine in the water. In prefabricated metal tanks, different types of sealing liners are used, such as butyl rubber, EPDM, polyethylene and PVC liners, but in the environmental conditions of the country and the type of maintenance, the best type of sealing liner is Aqua or Aquatex. Aqua Liner or Aquatex has a very high resistance against harsh environmental conditions and is repaired on site by the operator when necessary. The usable environmental conditions of Aqua Liner in the prefabricated metal tank are from -30 to +70 degrees Celsius. Aqua liner has nano coating and complies with INSO 21145 and ISO/TS 80004 standards. Aqua sealing liner is available in different colors of blue, white, green and black. In prefabricated drinking water storage tanks, the sealing liner must be of drinking water grade, therefore, the only usable liner for drinking water is PVC FOOD GRADE, which has the drinking water standard 1053 and is approved by the Dutch KIWA Institute. Aqua sealing liner is manufactured with advanced German machines and is sewn and pressed in an integrated manner with the COMET HIGH FREQUENCY welding machine. Because of the use of aqua and aquatex liners in these tanks, they are also called aqua tanks or aquatex tanks. One of the most distinctive features of Aqua and Aquatex tanks is that the sealing liner can be easily repaired by the prefabricated tank operator if needed.

♦ Adam's metal roof on the prefabricated metal tank

In prefabricated drinking water storage tanks, the tank should be isolated to prevent dust and other organisms from entering the tank. For this reason, a metal roof is used to cover the roof of the tank in the prefabricated cylindrical potable water tank. The metal roof of the prefabricated metal tank is in the form of a truss with high strength and has a very high resistance against the weight of snow and people on the roof. The metal roof of the prefabricated galvanized metal tank is mounted on a number of rolled trusses with hot plating and has an access hatch and a ladder to access the roof and inside the tank. The roof of the metal tank should be designed in such a way that no column is placed under it and it should be spherical and the reason for the design without a roof column is that the operation of the prefabricated drinking water tank is easier and the spherical shape of the roof of the galvanized prefabricated tank causes Snow removal during the winter season. Equipment such as ventilators for air exchange are installed on the roof.

♦ Middle layer of cold and heat insulation

A middle layer of foam or geotextile is installed between the wall of the prefab tank and the sealing liner of the prefab metal tank, whose task is to prevent intense exchange of cold and heat into the tank and heat transfer to the fluid inside the tank. This intermediate insulation of the prefabricated cylindrical drinking water tank is determined and implemented according to the conditions of the project environment. The insulating middle sheet of the water tank makes it easy to use the tank in cold and hot areas. In prefabricated drinking water tanks, the walls of the prefabricated tank and the aqua liner have thermal resistance, and in moderate weather conditions, there is no exchange of cold and heat, but in mountainous and cold regions or in tropical regions, where the exchange of cold and heat is more than usual. By calculating the heat transfer rate and calculating the time required to decrease or increase the temperature of the tank by one degree Fahrenheit, the required thermal insulation is calculated and implemented.

♦ Inlet, outlet, overflow and tank floor washing

A prefabricated cylindrical tank, like all types of tanks, needs water inlet piping, tank outlet to the consumption network, floor washer for washing and overflow to drain water more than the tank capacity. The size of the fittings is defined according to the volume of the tank, the volume of incoming water and the capacity of the network. The material of the fittings can be steel, polyethylene or high pressure PVC at the customer's request.

♦ Hatch and access ladder

The prefabricated cylindrical tank for drinking water storage has an access valve that is installed on the roof of the prefabricated tank to enter the tank. This valve has a lock so that access to the tank can be restricted for different people. On the wall of the safe access ladder to access the hatch and roof, as well as the internal ladder to get inside the tank. The external ladder in the high prefab tanks has a suitable shelter to ensure the safety of the operator.

♦ Tank aerator

The pre-galvanized tank has an air vent to ventilate the air inside the tank and remove chlorine gas from the pre-fabricated tank. The size and number of air vents are determined according to the volume of the tank and the need to ventilate the tank. In tropical regions, due to the accumulation of more water vapor, the dimensions and size of the air vent are tried to be larger than usual.

♦ Custom cover of the tank body

The cover of the body of the prefabricated water storage tank is selected according to the implementation area and weather conditions. In hot and dry areas and deserts where there is no question of humidity, but there are salty or acidic soils, epoxy phenol and PU coating should be used. Now, if we talk about extreme humidity, we can use zinc coating, phenolic epoxy and final PU coating on the body of prefabricated water storage tanks. Now, if all these limitations exist within normal limits, you can use galvanized top coating. When ordering the tank, be sure to discuss the scope of the project and the weather conditions of the project with the experts of Haft Gurdon Pars Company.

♦ Other custom accessories

If needed, accessories such as backfill bag, earth cable, additional valves and epoxies and any equipment requested by the customer are also implemented in the prefabricated galvanized water storage tank.

Maintenance and repair of Aqua metal tanks:

The parts of Aqua's prefabricated metal tanks can be easily repaired or replaced. As the largest producer of prefabricated cylindrical tanks and aqua tanks, Haft Gurdon Pars Company has achieved this technology and has the ability to produce all parts of metal aquatex tanks with the most up-to-date tools and machines. The parts of the tank structure are repaired first and easily replaced if needed. It should be noted that in the periodic visits of the operator, if you encounter moisture or a special case, contact the company that manufactures prefabricated galvanized tanks to prevent further damage at a very small cost. Haft Gardon Pars company will immediately repair and possibly replace the parts, and the tank will be put into operation again.

Regarding the correct maintenance of the Aquatex sealing liner of the prefabricated tank, it should be noted that when washing the tank, enter the tank with plastic boots and avoid inserting sharp objects into the surface of the liner. Aqua liner has a lifespan of more than 70 years under proper maintenance conditions, but the instructions of the manufacturer of the prefabricated tank must be implemented.

In order to maintain the metal wall and other metal parts, it is enough to seal the tank when there is a possible water leak in order to prevent the wall from rotting. The wall of the prefabricated tank is made of the best steel with high resistance and the best waterproof coating, but basic maintenance causes a long life of the metal parts of the tank.

Advantages of prefab metal cylindrical tanks with aqua liner:

〉 Quick and easy installation even in hard-to-reach areas

〉 lower cost than concrete tanks

〉 Long and acceptable life of prefabricated tanks

〉 Low maintenance and repair costs

〉 No adjustment and price increase during the contract period

〉 Ability to disassemble and move to another place

〉 With warranty and after-sales service

〉 with anti-algae and moss liner

〉 with health standard for drinking

〉 Anti-earthquake and resistant to strong winds

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